from farm to fork

At CarobWay, we're doing our part, with climate-smart and regenerative agriculture.

A model in climate resilience

Going with the flow of nature, CarobWay leverages and boosts nature and the environment – instead of competing with them.

High atmospheric
carbon capture

By nature, carob trees have high carbon sequestration and storage capabilities.

CarobWay tree varieties are native and acclimatized to the Mediterranean region. They thrive on minimal irrigation and flourish in marginal lands. Carob supports ecosystem diversity and helps prevent wildfires.

Promoting the circular economy

Vertically integrated CarobWay boasts
a minimal ecological footprint

Eliminates waste by using 100% of the fruit

Conserves resources such as labor and water

Uses minimal processing

Produces fully traceable clean-label products

Creates an array of free-from, non-GMO ingredients

Committed to

social impact

An inspiration in ethical fair-trade, CarobWay employs community farmers, recruits local talent and pursues long-term partnerships. The company is committed to practices that benefit all supply chain participants.

Food security

CarobWay is doing its part to proactively fortify the market and promote the World Bank’s four main food security dimensions:


Creating products that fill current gaps in supply


Helping ensure local, affordable access to food


Extracting every possible fruit component and processing carob to promote bioavailability


Building a strong long-term supply chain and using carob that thrives in adverse conditions

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