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The CarobWay coming-of-age story is the discovery that carob has purely distinctive benefits that need to be unleashed.

With creative application of technology and knowhow, CarobWay is making the most of its discoveries, taking this ancient resource into the future.

Carob variety

selection program

CarobWay invested years in choosing the right carob –
to create ingredients naturally packed with distinct properties.


Prebiotic ingredients


Low glycemic index (GI)
Rich in polyphenols
High in fiber
Clean label

The science

says it all

Carob has been the subject of hundreds of scientific and nutritional studies, which is why we know so much about it.

CarobWay is conducting evidence-based research to leverage carob’s nutritional, wellness and agricultural advantages. Important topics that CarobWay is delving into include:

The field-to-table carob revolution

End-to-end, CarobWay has infused technological innovation into its operations to:

Evaluate and select the ideal carob trees

Minimize irrigation

Produce products
with zero waste

Implement mechanical harvesting, replacing manual procedures

Extract the products from raw materials

Automate manufacturing

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