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CarobWay is the start-up that is reintroducing carob – the anciently rooted superfruit – to the mainstream. Carob was largely ignored for centuries, but where predecessors saw carob trees as shade providers, CarobWay saw a treasure with hidden gems.

CarobWay has forged a whole new path in the industry for functional foods and nutritional supplements with added value. The company is developing a portfolio of bioactive ingredients for well-being based on the whole carob fruit.

With a passion for climate resilience, CarobWay has built a vertically integrated food system from farm to fork.

CarobWay is innovating low-GI sweeteners, prebiotics and other visionary clean-label products with standout benefits and abundant applications.

Pairing the virtues of carob with
sustainable and ethical practices

The Climate-resilient

CarobWay trees sequester and store high amounts of carbon. Acclimatized, heat-tolerant carob thrives on minimal irrigation.


With a minimal ecological
footprint, CarobWay processes
efficiently, minimizes resource
use and eliminates waste.

Fair trade practices

CarobWay is committed to equitable trade, ensuring that workers and partners throughout the supply chain profit from their hard work.

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